This website was created to change that!  On the following pages I have collated all I can on this obscure brand of guitar, pictures, facts, illustrations, instructions etc… anything to help owners maintain or restore their MURPHS.

All I ask is that if any photos are used that due credit is given - it took a lot of time & money to amass all this information!

The man may be gone, but his creation lives on ……. "hail the MURPH”

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Hello & welcome to the Murph Guitars tribute site.

The Murph guitar was the brainchild of the late Pat Murphy, an entrepreneurial man who in 1965 - 67 established a company to design & build a quality instrument for the youth of America.

It was a dream that this small company did not realise - the heavyweights of the great guitar market share battles of the sixties saw to that and the Murph was relegated to history, to be forgotten by most players & collectors.