Semi-solid Squire

In the final months of 1966 yet another prototype was rolled out of the Murph factory! It was a semi-solid version of the Squire guitar, the flagship of the Murph Company ( and the one that was to cause them all the grief )

Sharing much of the design of the Squire, this unnamed model had an abbreviated truss-rod cover ( complete with a new waterslide decal ) and metal buttoned individual Klusons rather than the Squire’s plastic ‘3 on a plate’ ones.

A 3 way toggle switch was placed in the top upper corner of the guitar ( there was no pickguard on this model ) offering neck, or bridge, or both pickups.

Individual tone controls but a master volume gave the semi-solid Squire it’s own voice.

The tremelo was a new German sourced design ( you may see them on Framus or Klira guitars of the same era¬† …. or even Harvey Thomas’ creations from up Seattle way as he sourced from German manufacturers also.

img0006img0007Semi hollow body Squire 2 003

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